The video-endoscopic examination is recognised as an established method in dysphagia diagnostics. Endoscopies using XION's flexible fiberoptic endoscopes and video endoscopes facilitate viewing oral, laryngeal and pharyngeal structures.

By directly comparing the examination video with sound and an assessment form, the DiVAS dysphagia module provides the tools for an efficient assessment of findings and an optimized workflow. During the assessment it is possible to navigate within the video, display the dynamic processes of swallowing in slow motion and to simply "pull" diagnostically relevant images into the form. The data acquired in this form are then automatically integrated in a medical report.


 Video endoscopes

- Video Nasopharyngoscope ERGO
Premium quality high-end images as well as comfortable, ergonomic handling are the features that distinguish the Video Nasopharyngoscope ERGO.
- Video Nasopharyngoscope
The video nasopharyngoscopes boast with excellent optical and mechanical characteristics. They are compatible to the MATRIX E series camera processors and EndoSTROB devices.
- Video Laryngoscopes
The video laryngoscopes combine the optical system, camera chip and microphone in one single instrument which can be handled optimally.
- Video Otoscopy
The XION video otoscope comprises optical system, LED illumination and electronics in a very compact and practical instrument powered via a USB connection.

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